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"Motherland" Featured on the Art & Tea Show

Carla E. Reyes and Jill Danenberg were invited to discuss their current exhibition "Motherland," on the Art & Tea Show in connection with Thrive Together Network/Artist-Mother podcast's "Taking Up Space" Initiative. "Taking Up Space" is a Grassroots Female Focused Community Global Art Exhibition that asks the artists in their communities to take up space and exhibit their work in (or close to) the month of May each year. The project launched in 2022 and over 80 exhibitions were shown in the month of May all over the world!

Carla and Jill were joined by thirty other women artists to discuss the inspiration for the exhibition, how it came together, their collaboration, and the evolution of their artwork. The conversation was archived in the Thrive Together YouTube Channel and can be viewed here in its entirety: Art & Tea 5/16/23

(The Motherland segment begins around minute 27 if viewers have limited time)

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